We are reinventing
the public

We rely on the talents of both continents

Because our partners need high-level advising

Hamza Hraoui

In light of the deep questioning of our political and economic certainties, our profession needs an aggiornamento to support the transformations of organizations. If man has this formidable capacity to adapt to big changes, it must be done while keeping an essential asset: our infinite inventiveness. Because change is not the enemy of creativity. MGH Partners embodies what the Mediterranean has always embodied: progress, knowledge and good influence on the world.

Guillaume Chaban-Delmas

‘'The future of the world is taking place in Africa‘' This is how Felwine Sarr and Achille Mbembe opened Dakar’s first Thinking Forum back in 2016. All of us at MGH Partners fundamentally agree with them. Our goal is to provide companies, NGOS as well as governments a full palette of skills and knowledge, ranging from political and geopolitical communication, lobbying to financial and economic expertise. Along with the inevitability of climate change, increasingly unstable political and economic tides demand that we step up and create new ways of working with both public and private sectors. This is the test of our generation, and we will answer that call.

''Design strategies, unfold your story and engage your stakeholders.''