Our unique DNA sets us apart in the world of public affairs, strategic communications, alternative diplomacy and public relations.

At MGH Partners, we don’t just meet expectations – we redefine them and steer the construction of your narrative to tailor it as closely as possible to your objectives and those of your stakeholders.

Our areas of

Public Affairs

  • Strategic intelligence
  • Production of arguments and institutional memoranda
  • Analysis of political power relations
  • Meetings with decision-makers
  • Involvement in the decision-making process (legislative or regulatory)
  • Deployment at national and local level

Strategic Communication

  • Strategic analysis
  • Advocacy, language, speeches, storytelling
  • Executive communication
  • National and international press relations
  • Mediatraining
  • Crisis communication

Alternative diplomacy

  • Engaging the private sector in support of traditional diplomacy
  • Developing advocacy adapted to regional contexts
  • Structuring and mobilising sectoral coalitions (national and international)
  • Special relations with European, Arab and African chancelleries
  • Deciphering weak geopolitical signals
  • Country communication (nation branding)

Public Relations

  • Organising corporate events
  • Forums of influence
  • Off-site meetings with the press

Meet the
architects of
our expertise

Behind every successful strategy and innovative project at MGH Partners is a team of dedicated and talented professionals.

Their expertise, passion and commitment are the beating heart of our success.

Strategic coaching
for organisations and

At MGH Partners, we guide organisations and their leaders in developing and executing tailored strategies. Our services include advocacy, strategic influence and specialist mediatraining, ranging from national contexts to African issues.


Our expertise for companies includes comprehensive strategic intelligence, liaison with public authorities, prevention and management of opinion risks, and editorial leadership. We help companies of all sizes to navigate the decision-making process and deploy effective lobbying actions.


We offer African and European public organisations international monitoring, awareness-raising, mobilisation and leadership services for key communities, as well as a communications strategy tailored to foreign governments. Our aim is to speed up and give meaning to public action.


For senior executives, MGH Partners offers awareness-raising on the current challenges of online opinion, both in the French-speaking world and internationally. We also support the leaders of private or political organisations in their communication and advocacy, ensuring effective and relevant influence.

To find out more about our services or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us via our dedicated page.