Our story

MGH Partners for the Mediterranean, Guillaume, Hamza.
MGH Partners was born from the meeting of two lovers of Africa, public affairs and international relations connected by the Mediterranean Sea, its geographical and cultural interface. Our 2 co-founders come from different backgrounds but share the same ideal: they want to create value for European and African companies and leaders from both Mediterranean continents. MGH Partners was born of an observation: we live in an age of miscommunication and confusing, unreliable information. Public affairs and communications are going through an exponential evolution, market-related uncertainty is constant, and the need for sustainability has become urgent. In order to thrive and create value in this new landscape, we believe we must set strong foundations: the (infinite) creative and innovative potential of human beings; and the power that lies in organizing and harnessing those talents. We did not simply create an agency; we created a community of talents, one that is open to the world, stimulated by the Mediterranean Sea’s creative energy and informed by the analyses of neighboring critical fields. Our ambition is to generate ideas that give strength to organizations and meaning to words. Convinced that the relationship between Europe and Africa must be reinvented, Guillaume and Hamza decided to bring their vision of public affairs and lobbying to life by creating their own firm in order to support organizations in the face of these new challenges.