One passion,
two continents

MGH Partners was born from the union of two passionate visions, those of Guillaume and Hamza, driven by a deep love for Africa and international relations.

Together, they have forged a unique cooperation between the shores of the Mediterranean, aiming to have a positive impact on public affairs and communications.

Navigating the
of the world

Against a backdrop of rapidly changing markets and economic uncertainty, MGH Partners was created to manage this complexity.

Our approach is based on valuing inventiveness and challenging yesterday’s frames of reference. More than a public affairs firm, we are a community of talents, nurtured by the creativity of the Mediterranean and a universal critical spirit. Our aim? To bring out innovative ideas to strengthen organisations, support decision-makers and enrich their advocacy.

Guillaume, Hamza.
Partners :
A spirit of partnership

The rich but complex relationship between Europe and Africa requires a new vision.

With this in mind, Guillaume and Hamza joined forces to create MGH Partners in 2020. Their complementary skills and their sharing of a common ideal – to create value for companies and leaders on both continents – are at the heart of our mission.

Our Foundation :
The Mediterranean,
an interface
interface between
cultures and
cultures and peoples.

The Mediterranean, our starting point, is more than just a geographical interface.

It is the cradle of dynamic political and cultural interaction, fundamental to understanding and acting in the contemporary world. At MGH Partners, we embrace these geostrategic challenges to redefine public affairs and strategic communications.

An international firm
with multiple horizons

MGH Partners is a key player in international public affairs, guiding its clients through institutional labyrinths and political, social, economic and cultural issues.

Our vision is to support, influence and create value where worlds meet and interact.

Two founders,
one vision

Convinced that the relationship between Europe, Africa and what is commonly referred to as the ‘Global South’ needs to be reinvented, we decided to give substance to our vision of public affairs and communications by creating a structure capable of supporting organisations in the face of these new challenges.

Guillaume Chaban-Delmas


« Convinced that the African issue has become a global issue, we provide companies, NGOs and governments with multi-dimensional know-how combining political communication, geopolitics, influence and economic and financial expertise.

The countdown to climate change, combined with the economic and political instability in which we live, means that we need to rethink the ways in which private organisations and public authorities work together. »

« This is the role of our generation, and MGH Partners will play its part to the full. »

Hamza Hraoui


« As our political and economic certainties are profoundly called into question, our profession needs an aggiornamento to support the transformations of organisations. If mankind has this formidable capacity to adapt to major changes, we need to do so while retaining one essential asset: our infinite inventiveness. Because change is not the enemy of creativity ».

« MGH Partners embodies what the Mediterranean has always stood for: progress, knowledge and global influence ».

A team of

Guillaume Chaban-Delmas

A graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, Guillaume has almost 10 years’ experience in the world of public affairs, both in France and internationally. Specialising in institutional relations and political communications consultancy, he has taken part in several campaigns, in France with the Mouvement Démocrate in 2014, in support of Emmanuel Macron in 2017 and 2022 and in several local elections in France and Africa. He is also an opposition city councillor in Bordeaux, where he is mainly involved in issues of international cooperation and the city’s economic development.

Hamza Hraoui

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris in Public Policy Management and Lobbying, he joined several lobbying firms in Paris before working with African and French leaders in the public and private sectors. He is also the author of several articles published in national and international media on African geopolitics, parallel diplomacy and international strategic communication.

Maya Fourré

A graduate of the Masters in Public Affairs and Interest Representation (APRI) at Sciences Po Bordeaux, where she completed her entire academic course, Maya has built up a real interest in the political and media spheres in France and internationally. After gaining experience of working with politicians at the French National Assembly, she moved on to work for a long-established public affairs firm in Paris. Maya joined MGH Partners in 2022. She is also passionate about climate and energy issues linked to the ecological transition.

Nicolas Teisserenc

After graduating from EM Lyon in 2008, Nicolas began his career as a financial journalist for Capital Finance (Les Echos group) before being recruited as editor-in-chief of two business magazines dedicated to Africa (African Banker, African Business). Nicolas then worked for the Jeune Afrique group as editor of the economics and finance section of the jeuneafrique.com website.

Thibaut Cabrera

Thibaut specialises in strategy and communications, mainly in Africa.A graduate of Sciences Po Lille, Thibaut has worked with public and private organisations such as the French Embassy in the United States and Jeune Afrique Media Group. He joins the team in 2022.

A network
of expertise and

MGH Partners has an in-depth understanding of the political and economic dynamics on both sides of the Mediterranean.


We benefit from an extensive network of partners and experts based in key centres such as Brussels, Casablanca, Dakar, Cotonou and Kinshasa, all of whom are committed to and aligned with our company’s ambitions and vision.

When it comes to European public affairs, we work closely with Shearwater Global, which has offices in London and Brussels. We also have a permanent office in Casablanca and a solid network of correspondents and experts in Senegal, Benin and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the firm has an exclusive partnership with BM Partners.